Ultimate Cup Series kicks off its season in style: recap of an exciting weekend of racing

David Hallyday triumphs in endurance while Jérémy Faligand stands out in Porsche Cup


The weekend of March 25 and 26, 2023, marked the beginning of the Ultimate Cup Series, an event eagerly anticipated by motorsport enthusiasts. This two-day competition brought together a wide array of participants and provided spectators with thrilling races. Over 34 drivers lined up on the starting grid, ready to battle for the top spot.

The sprint race drew significant interest due to the involvement of famous drivers such as Nicolas Prost, the son of legendary Alain Prost, and Julien Fébreau, Formula 1 commentator for Canal+. Fans were excited to see these talented drivers in action, and the races lived up to their expectations.

In the endurance race, David Hallyday claimed victory driving a Ferrari 488 Challenge GT3, supported by the Vision team. This win highlights the effort and perseverance of the driver and his team, who managed to get the most out of their car to secure the gold medal.

In the Porsche Cup category, Jérémy Faligand made a name for himself. He finished first in the opening race, but the second race did not go as planned due to technical issues that forced him to join the pit lane, preventing him from finishing the race. Nevertheless, Faligand performed a spectacular comeback in the third race, starting from the 21st position and finishing in 8th place, thus ranking third in his category. The weekend proved to be quite fruitful for this driver, who walked away with two podiums, a first and a third place.

This first round of the Ultimate Cup Series was a resounding success, both for the participants and for the spectators and organizers. The various races were intense and captivating, offering a promising championship for this year. Fans are delighted with this prospect and eagerly await the upcoming rounds.

The competition will continue in Spain, on the Navarra circuit, where drivers and teams will have the opportunity to shine again and provide spectators with more breathtaking races. The championship promises to be thrilling and full of suspense, and this first round was just a preamble to an enthralling season.

In summary, the Ultimate Cup Series began on a high note with a memorable first round. Motorsport enthusiasts were treated to intense and suspenseful races. The drivers demonstrated their skills and determination, delivering remarkable performances and unexpected twists. This first round was merely a taste of what this season has in store. See you in Spain for the next stage of this exciting competition, which will undoubtedly delight motorsport fans.

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