SHOP-Faligand in The Ultimate Cup Series Endurance Championship 2024

Born on March 6, 1984 in Orange, France, Jeremy Faligand has spent most of his life abroad, traveling between Spain, Andorra, the United States, and the Dominican Republic. He discovered his passion for motorsports at a young age, starting with motocross at the age of 7

Since 2005, Faligand has managed several companies in the relaxation products manufacturing industry, expanding his operations across various continents, including Europe and the United States.

Faligand made his debut in motorsports in 2020 with his first participation in the Rallye de la Frontière in the Dominican Republic, and has since become a regular competitor in buggy rallies aboard a Maverick CanAm X3. However, his main focus as a driver remains in the GT3 category. He won the 2021 Ultimate Cup Series Sprint championship with a Ferrari 488 Challenge and repeated this success in 2022 with the Vortex team.

Faligand is known for his leadership, dedication, ambition, and exceptional talent, both in his professional and athletic pursuits. In 2021, he was champion with his own team, SF84, which he prefers to manage with meticulous attention to detail. In 2022, he decided to concentrate more on optimizing his driving skills and joined the Vortex team to drive the Vortex 1.0.

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SHOP-Faligand in The Ultimate Cup Series Endurance Championship 2024


Jeremy Faligand, the skilled driver from Team Seb Lajoux Racing, achieved an extraordinary feat at Estoril that sent shockwaves throughout the motorsports world. His second-place finish in the GT3 category not only earned him a podium position but also propelled him to the top of the championship standings. Let’s delve into how this remarkable performance impacted his overall ranking and the detailed results of his races at Estoril.

Estoril: The Turning Point

Estoril marked a significant turning point in Jeremy Faligand’s racing career, where he showcased remarkable skill and unwavering determination. As a member of Team Seb Lajoux Racing, Faligand delivered a stunning performance at this renowned circuit.

Faligand’s Triumph in GT3

Competing in the GT3 category at Estoril, Jeremy Faligand displayed his prowess by securing a second-place finish in the race. This impressive achievement translated into a significant accumulation of points in the championship standings, solidifying his position as a leading contender in the competition. His consistent and stellar performance on the track served as a testament to his dedication and exceptional talent.


Jeremy Faligand, the accomplished businessman and talented race car driver, has added another championship title to his impressive racing record. In 2021, he won the Ultimate Cup Series GT3B SPRINT championship driving a Ferrari 488 Challenge..


Jeremy Faligand’s incredible racing career has reached a new height in 2022 with his championship win in the Ultimate Cup Series GT3B SPRINT, driving the Vortex 1.0. The victory is a testament to Faligand’s skill as a driver, as well as his commitment to excellence and dedication to the sport..


Jeremy Faligand, talented businessman and accomplished racing driver, has just announced his signing with the prestigious Porsche Lajoux team for the 2023 Ultimate Cup Series Porsche Cup SPRINT season..

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